Privacy Fence Ideas That Are Great Looking And Affordable

Many people use fencing around the perimeter of their yards for one reason or another. Boundary fencing provides privacy, protects pets from escaping and creates a landscape that is private. The main difference with privacy fencing as opposed to other types of fencing is that there are just about no gaps between solid boards, creating a partition which is wall-liked. There are numerous privacy fencing ideas you can consider when you want to install a privacy fence in your yard.

Be Aware of Code Limitations

Before you decide on the type of fencing you’d like, be aware that the height of backyard fencing is controlled strictly by most community or city ordinances. Typically they are limited to a height of six feet above ground. ln some areas, you may be allowed to have a temporary addition to the top of the fence of six feet, but this addition has to be easy to remove. ln some instances, you might be able to apply for a variance for your privacy fence to be higher than six feet, but this is fairly rare and there has to be a situation which is unique that would warrant the fence being this high.

A privacy fence is not always all that attractive to look at, but they are definitely functional. lf you’d like more visual appeal and style to your privacy fence, you can consider doing a variation which is common by creating a band at the top of the fence that is only partially solid. It will compromise a bit of your privacy, but it will also let in more air in climates which are very humid, and breezes are welcome to make sitting outdoors more comfortable. You can make these bands with a diagonal or square lattice, especially great for a lattice wooden fence, or panels of short pickets. lf you want a more modern design, wire fences are also common, as are perforated metal sheets.

Different Materials Used for Privacy Fencing

Wood privacy fence ideas

Wooden Fence


The most common material that comes to mind when you think of building a fence is wood. A wooden fence can be built by a contractor, but is also easy to do yourself if you are looking to save some money. There are countless options when it comes to a wooden privacy fence, including a typical picket fence, so you’ll easily be able to choose something that you love and is more stylish if you like. This type of fence will likely need repainting or refinishing over time, and could even need replacement boards.



Vinyl Fence Ideas

Vinyl Fence


This is a material that has been growing in popularity, and it comes in a wide variety of colors and styles. A vinyl fence lasts longer than wood, plus the lower price makes it a more attractive choice for anyone looking for a low maintenance landscape. You can choose from different textures and darker colors, to give the look and feel of real wood.



Sheet Metal

metal fence panels

Sheet Metal Fence

Another one of the privacy fence ideas that is becoming popular is metal fencing. With the increasing interest in modern architecture, there has been an introduction of industrial materials for residential fencing. A privacy fence made of all metal will solve problems of longevity and in regions with high winds or extreme climates. Tthese types of fences can stand up much better. The metal panels for fencing are available with different rib patterns that are made to stand up to a lot of pressure from weather. They are also powder coated, bringing a whole range of colors into metal fencing which is new and goes well beyond the standard silver galvanized color.

Cutting Down Costs

lf you really need a privacy fence for your yard but you are just not sure how you are going to afford it, there are a few options for cheap privacy fence ideas you can look into. Obviously, cutting out the contractor and building the fence yourself will be the first step that you want to take.


A great idea to reduce your costs, or even eliminate them when building a privacy fence is to repurpose or recycle. lf there is anyone who is taking down an old fence or there is a building that is condemned and due to be taken down that has a fence, you can ask about salvaging the material. You could also try going to a lumber yard nearby and asking them for scrap lumber. You can cut down the larger pieces to size with a saw. Plus, old stones or bricks can also be used to make a wall, but this option will be more labor intensive and take a lot of materials.

Sharing the Cost

A possible option to cut down your costs when building a privacy fence is to share the cost with your neighbors. lf you are installing it yourself, you could ask neighbors and friends to help out by giving their time or skills to help you build the fence. You might even think about using the long used barter system. lf you have a service or product that others would want or could use, you can try offering it for a fence. You can post ads online, in your local newspaper or at the lumber yards.

Using Shrubbery and Trees

Bamboo privacy fence design ideas

Bamboo Fence
By smokedsalmon freedigitalphoto .net

Another inexpensive option for fencing is a natural fence using plants. Choose something that is fast growing to make a barrier that is creative. Fast growing plants include arborvitae, cypress, or hibiscus. You could also choose to have a bamboo fence. Since these plants will all grow quickly, it won’t take long before they fill out and give you a great “fence”. You can speak with your local nursery or a garden store to see if they have any plants on clearance or have anything they wouldn’t mind giving away for free to keep your costs down even more. There are sometimes plants which are considered not pretty enough to sell at nurseries that they will be willing to give you. Plus, bamboo can be planted from cuttings which you could get for free if you know someone who has bamboo already in their yard.

When you are looking for privacy fence ideas, you will have a lot of options to choose from. Even if you don’t have a big budget, there are many options for you to have a privacy fence in your yard so you can enjoy your yard and landscaping privately with your own family and friends.