Bamboo Fence Panels in Coombs Old Country Market

During my recent family trip to Nanaimo, B.C., I discovered a very nice place called Coombs Old Country Market whose famous symbol is “Goats on Roof”.  There are various shops of imported specialty grocery, Italian restaurant named”Cuckoo”, Chinese antiques store, bakery and specialty pastries, and of course my favorite ice cream shops. There is a shop called Greenery where you will be able to to find different kinds of garden ware, such as garden crocks, bamboo garden accessories, hanging basket etc.

As I have been looking for different affordable fence panels, I found a few choices here that are made of bamboo.  I will post more on Pinterest here.

bamboo fence panel with wood frame   large bamboo privacy fence panel

It is my first time seeing these fences in person. They look very natural, appealing, and match very well with my grassy backyard. For less than $100 a piece, they are very reasonably priced fences and pretty much ready to use. The ones I like the most are the two shown above. For high privacy usage, panels with parallel bamboo strips and secured by wooden frame is a great choice. For the interior fencing, such as those put around the pool, the crisscross bamboo pattern would give good visibility and airflow and blend in nicely with the nature. However when I tried to test the strength, it seemed that the bamboo strips were not tightened well. That made me wonder if it can withstand strong wind and storm.

mid size bamboo strip fence panelsmall bamboo strip fence

If you have a chance to pass by Nanaimo, B.C., you should definitely check out this place. While shopping for privacy fence was not my main purpose of the trip, it gave me new thought about considering bamboo fences.