Bamboo Fence Panels – A Green Alternative to Use in Your Home

The bamboo privacy fence is the private sanctuary for your piazza. If you are an environmentally-conscious property owner, it is time to switch to bamboo as it is a renewable resource and it takes less time to mature and replenish than grass. By using the bamboo fence panels, you can actually save trees. Moreover, the bamboo plantations are places that help in absorbing carbon monoxide from the atmosphere.

A privacy fence made of bamboo is immensely durable and can withstand extremes of climates. Those who live in warm places can choose bamboo privacy fences. Bamboo fencing is stylish and sustainable. You not only get to reinvent the look of the tropics, but also provide room for privacy, screen a deck or even cover an ugly view or feature.

Twig fences are made of small interwoven bamboo twigs held together with steel wiring. A rolled fence is made of bamboo poles that are arranged and linked together. The uses of the bamboo fence roll are virtually endless as what you get is durable and of the highest quality. The result is consistent and imparts a refined design to your structure or property.


Benefits of using Bamboo Privacy Fence

1.  Strength:  Bamboo is strong and durable, being able to withstand harsh weather conditions and gusts of wind. With bamboo fencing provided above the ground level, it lasts up to 20 years. While it can be argued that anything will naturally exhaust itself, bamboo can slow down the process of deterioration.

bamboo privacy fence

Bamboo Fence
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2. Patterns and Designs:  Bamboo can be made into different patterns and designs. You can hence create a fully functional and striking bamboo fence for your privacy. The fence can be embellished with lattice and pole caps.

3. Longevity:  Privacy fencing made of bamboo finds use in the outdoor living space to provide a look of privacy and esthetic appeal. Even with limited space, natural bamboo fences can optimize your belongings. Moreover, the noise from the street will be greatly reduced with the bamboo barriers.

4. Privacy:  If your property is of any value to you, choose the bamboo fence panels which allow you to enjoy your spare time in your backyard without the prying vision of your neighbors.

Eco-friendly Solution

Bamboo is an extensively used resource throughout the various parts of the world including Asia. It is fast catching up in the USA and Canada. Being one of the fastest growing grasses in the world, it can be harvested in large quantities without long term impact. In fact, you can harvest various kinds of bamboo annually without replanting since when the plant is cut, its base remains and regrowth follows. In the case of any other wood, regrowth takes around a couple of years.

Bamboo privacy fences do not create much impact on the environment like its traditional wood counterparts.

The fence designs are available in different styles and sensibilities. These fences are extremely popular in Japanese Zen gardens, but can also create a relaxing and serene atmosphere in your backyard or garden.