Cedar Fencing as Durable Stylish Wooden Privacy Fence

Cedar wooden fences have been very the popular choices for many garden with large backyard. The greatest advantage of cedar wood is that it is much more durable than many other varieties of wood that are used for fencing. Hence though the initial cost of the cedar fencing may appear a little on the higher side when compared to other options. The extra years of life guaranteed for cedar fencing compensates the extra expense by making it maintenance-free for years together. Unlike other wood varieties, cedar wood will not develop warp or crack since this wood has a property to adjust its moisture content according to the atmospheric variations. Another advantage is that the cedar fencing can be made to appear colorful by way of painting, oiling or staining.

Why cedar fencing is so popular?Cedar fencing

The growing popularity of cedar fencing among homeowners and commercial users are due to its various advantages

– Cedar fence has a natural look

– Cedar fence can be easily painted and oiled

– Cedar fencing is much more durable than fencing made from other varieties of wood

– Cedar wood will not develop cracks unlike other types of wood

– Cedar fencing offers a wide variety of style s to choose

– The chemical called Thujaplicins present in cedar wood provides the aroma that is human-friendly but keeps off pests and insects thereby increasing the lifespan of the wood

Cedar fencing costscedar-privacy-fence-material

The cedar fencing prices mainly depend on the exact location of the property, the quality of wood used for the fencing and the type of fencing. The average estimated cost of cedar fencing to a particular house can be obtained from the internet by entering the zip code and mentioning the area of the site that is to be protected. The information consists of the average cost of the fencing per linear foot that included service charges and cost of various cedar fencing materials. While the costs are relatively higher for high quality cedar material, you do not want to cut down the cost by hiring amateur fence installer. Fence without proper installation will end up ruining the fence, thus causing higher repair cost.

One quick tips about choosing a fence installation service provider. You can ask them to provide references of their previous project. A picture is worth a thousands word, but action object is not worth even more. So if they can provide you a public location where you can take a real look at the fence (even better the exact fence you wanted to get), you will have more confidence and accurate estimate of their installation quality. A quick way to find a list of qualified service providers are registered under their association directories. For example, if you are in Canada, you can browse the directory from Canadian Fence Industry Association. If you are in USA, you can go to American Fence Association

A word of caution about self-installation and professional installation. You might be tempted to install cedar fence on your own. While many people do that to reduce the cost, hiring a professional fence installation provider might not cost too much higher than you think. So spend little time to get an estimate of a few service providers before deciding whether it is cost-effective to spend your vulnerable holiday to do that. Don’t forget building fence is a professional job, it requires different accessory equipments, support materials and skill  to install.