Fence pickets the typical American style of fencing

Fence Pickets are an unique way to add aesthetic beauty to the landscape, but they only work when they match the fence properly. So you must first decide the purpose of the fence while choosing the type of the fence of a house or for any property. It can be just to demarcate the boundary of the landscape or for privacy and security. The distinctive shape of the pickets makes the landscape look elegant. Thus l fences that are made of the pickets have becomes very popular in the past decade.

White cedar is the best choice for making the pickets because it is durable. It can last as long as 20 years or more. There are numerous manufacturers and suppliers of the pickets.

Varieties of fence pickets

The suppliers of Fence Pickets offer various options to the customers regarding the type of the wood. The three basic consideration factors are style, types of material and budget.

The pickets can be installed in different patterns in order to create an aesthetic appearance. They can be installed either side-by-side or board-on-board. For trimming the top of the pickets also one can choose from a variety of designs. Different designs are adopted for the same such as Gothic point, Virginias Gothic and Dog ear cut. Horizontal boards also can be installed across the top edge of the pickets to provide a distinct appearance. The most common designed for privacy fence are

  • White wood
  • Western red cedar
  • Treated pine
  • China cedar

In terms of the picket styles, there are 6 popular ones.fence pickets patterns

(from left to right) Slant Ear, Gothic Point, French Gothic, Dog Ear, Flat Top, Knob Top.

The home that has the Fence Pickets with white finishing is the popular American style. Besides being in white finish, there are straight, scalloped pickets pointed and square pickets are also available.

Apart from the visual differences, other characteristics of the wood are also to be considered while selecting them for the fencing. Those who want to know more about the different types of wood available to make a picket fence may go through How to Pick the Perfect Wood Fence.

How to install a Fence pickets

L bracket for fenceOnce the location of the fence is finalized the points where the corner posts are to be installed must be marked. Then points for the remaining posts can be fixed by keeping them evenly spaced. Holes of approximately 24” depth and 12” width are made using post hole digger. Fast drying cement is to be poured into the holes and let that cure for 48 hours. The pickets are cut in uniform sizes and in the pre-determined decorative designs. The fix panels are to be assembled by spacing the pickets evenly from side to side. The panels are to be attached to the poles using “L” brackets. The panels must be at the same level. The gate is also installed in the same method. Instead of “L’ bracket heavy duty hinges are used for gates. Finally decorative finishes are applied on the pickets.

I hope this quick overview of fence pickets would give you better understanding when considering a typical privacy fence.