Leyland Cypress to Create a Natural Privacy Fence

Given the different low cost privacy fence ideas we have shared so far, have you ever considered a type of fence that gives a more natural look other than merely for privacy purpose? Sometimes, when I look at solid dull looking fence panels or chain link fences, I feel they are living in a cage like those animals trapped in the zoo. Or that gives me a cold feeling they do not want to interact with the world.

So when considering that is durable and evergreen, you may also want to consider tree fence. Since tree is like our hair, you can customize the look every time it grows back, even you made a mistake before. Today I want to talk about a common type of tree fence in North America.

Leyland Cypress is an inexpensive tree that is very sturdy and fast growing. Both Cypress and American Arborvitae are very known to be used to create a living “spite fence” or “privacy screen”.  This tree is not only used as Christmas tree, but also widely used for different landscaping such as hedges, grouping, windbreaks and noise abatement on big streets and backyard privacy. The light green color in the soft-needled evergreen’s leaves matches the backyard grass very well.

Backyard fence with Cypress tree

Backyard fence with Cypress tree

In general, using Leyland Cypress to build privacy fences has the following advantages.

  • The plants are very affordable. It can cost as little as $5 for one gallon tree.
  • It gives a natural privacy fence because it is totally natural and green
  • Grow moderately fast, about 1.5 to 2 feet a year. It could grow 50 to 100 feet tall and 20 to 30 feet wide.
  • The tree is very sturdy and moderate dense. It is perfectly suited for different trimming customization, ornamental, landscaping, and barriers. The pyramidal shape makes it perfect for Christmas tree designs.
  • Requires very low maintenance. It takes more water to grow at the beginning. After it grows about 5 to 7 feet, occasional watering is sufficient to make it grow by itself. Cypress also have high tolerant on wider range of soil acidity level sand temperature.
  • Minimum odor and allergenic.
  • Good resistance to most insects and disease.
Cypress tree fences on Granview street Vancouver BC

Cypress tree fences on Granview street Vancouver BC Canada

On the other hand, few things you need to be aware of when growing Leyland Cypress.

Leyland cypress can grow quickly so you have to give enough space between each tree, both horizontally and vertically. Be sure to discuss with you next neighbor so they are aware of the space the tree might occupy when you plan to grow it right on the property line. Also, when the trees reach 10 feet high, they could block your sky view and sunlight, and air ventilation. So you have to have an agreement with your neighbor and set a schedule to trim them regularly. If they are growing too tall and heavy, they may be prone to be blown over in heavy winds and cause hazard to both sides.

When you start planting the cypress trees, do not plant on very wet and shadow soil. This makes them easy to get sick and fungi disease.  Given the tree will grow high, soil condition is very important to the root development. Soil drainage is very important to ensure the humidity and the excessive water should be able to drain out within 3 hours. Cypress trees like to take in lots of sunlight. So planting them in an opening area would keep them grow healthy.

With the characteristics discussed above, building a privacy fence with cypress would be a great choice for those of you who likes natural fence. The key of building a tree fence is the size planning and space allocation in the beginning. Be sure to drive around your neighborhood for more design inputs that fit your backyard and building style.