Ornamental Fence to build an elegant fence without maintenance

On a Sunday morning I decided to walk to my local supermarket that is a block away, I had seen quite a few houses use low ornamental fences. I found them quite nice built along with flowers but by itself. When I consider choosing a type of fence for privacy’s sake, it does not necessarily means they have to built tall and visually block everything. Sometimes, people use the fences just to give them a sense of security, or simply prevent pets from urinating.

The ornamental aluminum fence is considered as a general purpose fence because this type of fencing has versatile uses like security fencing, pet fencing, residential fencing, commercial fencing and industrial fencing. Unlike other plant fences, the aluminum fence appears to be just like wrought iron fence without maintenance and protective finishing. There are no fence panels that will fall off or replaced, The aluminum fence is available in different heights ranging from 3ft to 6 ft. Since the special aluminum-alloy fences are powder-coated, their finishes remain unfaded for many years. With the nature of their flexible material, they can be made in different heights, designs and finishes. Most companies that provide ornamental fence solutions ensure that the materials used for the fencing are of high quality and the rates are quite competitive.

Ornamental aluminum fence with pressed-point picket decoration

Pressed-point picket ornamental aluminum fence

Ornamental aluminum manufacturers

These fences are manufactured by the leading aluminum products manufacturers of US and they offer the special aluminum alloy-fences such as the Delgard aluminum fence, Onguard fence systems, Specrail aluminum fences, Xcel and Gilpin fences. “Eastern Ornamental Aluminum” is a reputed and reliable manufacturer of top quality ornamental fence panels that are made of aluminum, steel, wood and vinyl. The company is manufacturing aluminum as well as steel fences for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Compared to wrought iron fence, ornamental fence made of aluminum provides the same protection but gives more appealing look. Aluminum fences are popular since they are lightweight and are resistant to corrosion. The fences are comparatively cheaper than wrought iron fences. However ornamental iron fence is stronger than aluminum fence. The steel fences are chemically bonded and they have a powder-coated finish. They are made of Hot Dip Galvanized steel and are more durable than aluminum fences. The labor cost to install wrought iron fences is very high and it requires maintenance also.

White aluminum fence

White aluminum fence

Installation of ornamental fence

All types of ornamental fencing panels are designed in such a way that they can be installed either by DIY method or by hiring a professional contractor. The panels can be easily mounted to the pillars or other surfaces. You can look up for more professional fencing contractors here. see Find a fence contractor to install your Amazing Gate .

  • Powder-coated and prefabricated panels
  • Durable and corrosion resistant
  • Easy to carry due to light weight
  • Strong and elegant
  • Maintenance free and provided minimum 5 year warranty
  • Assures security and enhances property value
Simple white ornamental aluminum fence

Simple white ornamental aluminum fence for slim isolation

There are many companies that provide fencing services to customers as per their requirements as well as budget. For the aluminum fences,  they provide the traditional designs of wooden fence and wrought iron fence. The customers can select the Ornamental fence of their choice from a variety of fences like aluminum, steel, vinyl etc. These companies provide the best quality fencing materials, and they install the fences in the most cost-effective way.

So I hope this gives you more ideas if you are looking a type of fence to give semi privacy protection without losing the visibility and sense of openness, ornamental fence would be something you can take a look at further. Contact your local fence installation service providers for free consultation and quotations. Lastly, don’t forget to inquire about the warranty policy.