The Marvels of a Vinyl Privacy Fence

It is an undoubted fact that the need for privacy in one’s backyard or all around the home or even around a commercial place is always an added advantage not only for security reasons, but also for natural reasons. Also, the need to protect young children and pets from wandering away from the house while stretching their legs is a valid reason for requiring a much more secure secured place around a building or a group of homes. Many are finding that using a vinyl privacy fence to secure these placesand to provide that additional comfort for private tender moments is more cost-effective and adds to the aesthetic appeal of the home or commercial building. A vinyl privacy fence is fencing that is made out of vinyl which is a very tough and water-resistant chemical compound derived from crude oil.

Long gone are days when vinyl was only popular amongst music fans and Disco Jockeys (DJs) due to it being extensively used in the making of record labels. Today, vinyl has found a wide variety of uses both at home and in commercial places thanks to the marvels of modern-day technology and an elaborate transport and communication system. It is true that vinyl privacy fences are fast becoming popular not only in the residential areas but also in commercial areas where additional privacy is needed. In fact, it is very common to see a white vinyl privacy fence in just about any neighborhood especially in newly-constructed homes.

vinyl fence with white lattice

Vinyl Fence with Lattice

Compared to many other types of fences, a vinyl privacy fence has many advantages that has made it more popular with homeowners than before. The vinyl privacy fence panels offer a much stronger and more durable form of fencing than wooden fences or live fences. Nowadays, it is common to get wooden fences that are chemically treated to prevent termites and other insects from biting into them, but it is also true that such treatment only lasts for a duration of time, and eventually the wood rots making it necessary to re-fence the whole place. Due to its nature, vinyl does not rot neither is it susceptible to any attacks from insects or rodents because it is not edible for them at all.

Among the different types of vinyl material, PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) fence is very popular due to its low cost and durability. For instance, installing PVC fencing costs $23 to $28 per linear feet.  That includes the PVC  fence cost, installation labor, fence job related materials and supplies, and equipment. However, this does not include the contractor fees for organizing and supervising, labor insurance,  sales tax and permit fee, if required by your local building department. So when you consult with your local fence contractors, first ask them whether they are licensed and insured first before going further. This tips saves you from the hassle of getting and paying insurance. Then have them to put the quote on paper to list out all fees mentioned above. Since licensed professionals are required to follow the building code and pay required fee to maintain their license, they are knowledgeable to give you what other fees you need to pay. In fact, some fencing installation company provides one-stop services to help you apply for proper building permits to ensure your fences are legally installed.

A fair vinyl privacy fence cost analysis is bound to reveal over and over again that it is more cost-effective in the long-run to install a vinyl fence than many other types of fences. Apart from the cost and durability, vinyl privacy fence panels are amongst the most convenient and fastest to use in a customized fencing project. Its versatility allows it even to be used as just a part of the whole fencing type chosen for a building without degrading the aesthetic appeal or the functionality of the fence. It is true that due to their beauty, strength and reliability, white vinyl fencing is currently amongst the topmost lattice privacy fence ideas in many families‘ wish-list today, and one is bound to find more value from them than they seek.